15 thoughts while watching Sacred Games

     1) 4 minutes only and 450 million bullet shot sound already….. ok? 

2)    Omg the title credits!! Radhika apte….alright I am in for this game!

3)    Hey not bad…the opening music is quite hauntingly beautiful.

4)    Saif enters his house. No one is inside but the Tv is still on.

5)    Goes into kitchen….still wearing shoes? This one sacred games or Sacred shoes ah?

6)    Whoa…that was a very long yet short villain flashback.

7)    Why isn’t this a movie?

8)  Saif still wearing that same shoes. I told you nah….this is sacred shoes.

9)Wow this villain has got 2 computer monitors and 
3 million other villain-must-have gadgets.

10) Yay!! Finally radhika apte!!!!!!!!! Why is she so pretty?

11)        Did the bad guy just say he is from balochistan? Where the hell is balochistan??  *me googles*

12)  Taimur looks exactly like saif in this angle.

13)             Villian says“I learned how religion can fuck anyone over.”- WOW!

14) missing radhika apte. Where is she?

15) Saif’s last dialogue in this episode: Do you believe in God?
Me: Yessssssss!