Strictly for Biggboss (tamil/telugu/malayalam) fans

Not for normal Biggboss viewers, this post is strictly for biggboss (tamil/telugu/malayalam) fans who want to watch the unseen footages on hotstar.

On the hotstar website, there are 2 hours of unedited biggboss episodes called morning masala and midnight masala. I find it way more entertaining, raw and unpolished than the edited version. There are moments where you have to bear watching Rithvika drink warm water for 25 minutes (you can always choose to skip that part). But do you wanna hear Sendrayan's love story (watch Day 11 midnight masala) and by the way he is an intriguing story-teller man, so watch the masalas right away!  It goes live at 10.30am  and 11 pm (india time). You can either watch it live or watch it the next day. 

If you are not viewing hotstar from India, there might be a problem in getting connected to hotstar because of god-knows-why reason. But you can access it by simply downloading touch vpn. 

So what does this touch vpn do? It basically operates your google chrome/firefox/ internet explorer as though you are connecting it from India. 

Steps to follow:

1) Google 'google chrome web store'

2) In the search box, type ' touch vpn' and click on 'add to chrome'

3) By now, touch vpn should be running in your pc. You should be able to see the icon on your web browser. 

4)  Go to And then you should click on the icon for the touch vpn to run. Switch location to 'india'. 

5) Click on 'connect' and you should be able to see it connecting. 

6) Once this is done, you can search for 'biggboss tamil' in the search bar and happily watch morning masala and midnight masala.

7) If you want to watch live, go to search bar- and type 'straight from', it will bring you to the live page. (take note live is telecasted at 10.30am and 11pm india time)

Important pointers:

1) Once viewing is done, click on the touch vpn to disconnect so that you can view other pages. Because touch vpn operates like a page blocker/viewer. When touch vpn is running, you might not be able to view other sites like netflix as such. Anyway, when you have dedicated your lives to watching biggboss, I don't see the need for you to be seeing other sites at that time.

2) The same steps can be applied if you want to watch telugu/malayalam episodes as well. That is if you are a biggboss addict. 

3) If ShruthiHassan in 7aam arivu could activate DNA in Surya's body that easily overnight, I think this touch vpn thing shouldn't be a hassle!