[Poem]- One lullaby for us

Caged in a cell of silent lullabies
My heart kept whispering his name
Pain of labour, a prison for the mind.
In this iron-bar of fear and confusion
A burning, left, cold to dry alone.
Swathed in impenetrable darkness inside,

uncertainties ripped me apart like a monstrous cyclone.
Heard his first cries and felt his soft skin cleansing my soul
His little face glowed from a light within,
His miniature fingers grasped mine, and held tight.
He knew!
 He knew I needed comfort in the dead silence of night
He knew I needed joy in the midst of excruciating pain.
Those were the few seconds of memories I had
His healthy cries faded into thin air
Before he was taken away.

Still holding on to the memory of my baby clutching to my breasts
As each iron brace being strapped around my legs.
The prison guard- the only familiar face I knew,
Who was there in the room all this while
Hearing my howls and profanities hurled
Smiled,“Good to go?
Wheelchaired to my cell
Charred and tattered
Broken and crushed
My cell walls were nothing more than
Mirrors of misery
upon which reality has scrawled
Looking out of the specially decorated prison cell
With a tiny window of  hope and strength,
I saw more than just
Wired fence and vastness of the world.
Milk drips into plastic, ounce after precious ounce.
Arms longing for my baby, to kiss and hold and bounce
Sing a lullaby.
I am not a bad mom
I just made bad choices
Is this where he really wants to be?