A Bad Moms Christmas- It's party time, baby!


At the end of the jaw-achingly funny film, my little heart somersaulted in happiness and rapturously exclaimed, “ Holy Shit! I wanna watch this film again.” I have no memory of saying such a comment for any film that I’ve watched this year! Loved every scene. Loved every dialogue. Loved every bit of the film.

“I’m a 34 year-old woman. And she is still telling me how to live my life.”

It speaks about the universal battle- the relationship between a grown-up daughter and her old-aged mom. We all know the way moms drive daughters nuts and the severity is heightened to a whole new level when you are a mom and you want to be the best mom you want to be, yet your own mum criticizes you for not being one. ‘you’re not doing it the right way. You’re not doing enough’ are some of the phrases that young mothers and grown-up daughters grapple with every day.

And that’s what the raucously clever writer/director had beautifully weaved in ‘A Bad moms Christmas’.  Amy (Mila Kunis)’s 60-year-old mom who strongly believes in,

“Amy, moms don’t enjoy. Moms give joy. That’s how being a mom works.” visits Amy for Christmas.

Her mom wants Christmas celebration to be done in the most perfect grandeur way and keeps nit-picking and nagging Amy for not doing her best who in fact wants Christmas to be celebrated in a non-traditional quieter environment.

Kiki (Kristen Bell)’s mother literally wants to be her best friend and doesn’t give her enough space. Too much of everything becomes good for nothing. Kiki goes mad that her mom’s unconditional love, turns out to be a cause for her medical condition- stress.

“Let’s put the AS(s) back into Christmas.”

Carla (Kathryn Hahn)’s hippie mother who is a gambler and doesn’t even know how old her grandson is, visits Carla for Christmas. This archaic notion of creating a perfect Christmas, magnified by the stress of having the mother around, causes Carla once again to say: “Screw it.”

This crudely honest social comedy also touches on the emotional baggage of the old-aged moms who are there with gifts for the grandkids, dredging up decades of insecurities and resentments.  A Bad Moms Christmas” crackles, jingles and bursts with unhinged energy. Even if it is a serious scene, the lighted-hearted tone of the film is sustained with sprinkles of rip-tickling humour.

The joy of watching this film is like a shot of adrenaline rushing to the heart and all at once I'm moving, one with the music, and one with every crazy person dancing on the dance floor.