Visaranai- Produced by Actor Danush and co-produced by the director Vetrimaran himself. This film has grabbed an award in 72nd Venice Film Festival. Visaranai becomes the first ever Tamil film to win an award in Venice Film Festival. The film has won under the title Amnesty International Italy's Cinema for Human Rights.
It is an adaption of a fictionalised memoir written by Chandrakumar, an auto driver from Coimbatore, who narrates his own experience of being jailed and tortured by the predators(police) of the law system in Tamilnadu and Andhra.
The way Vetrimaran has visualized, framed and sculpted each shot and scene, is a bitter reminder that there is a system out there that exists and if you are caught in it, how it might just be impossible for you to escape.
Director Vetrimaraan has delivered a film that doesn't preach or sermonise but it delivers a jolt of reality. The reality that everyone can relate to.
Verdict: 5/5. yes this truly deserves a 5-star rating.