Thangaman 2

Thangamagan review
+ oozing chemistry between Amy Jackson and Dhanush.
+ incredible sparkling chemistry between Samantha and Dhanush.
+ enchanting love scenes between Samantha and Dhanush
+ one of the finest actor, ks ravikumar. Sir you are one director who should continue acting unlike some of your counterparts.
+ the newcomer adit arun's acting. It is actually refreshing to see someone who has actually done brilliant roles in many short films, shining on big screen!
+ songs and the placement of the songs in the movie
+ duration of the movie- exactly 2 hours 2 mins!
+ perfect dubbing work done by Andrea for Amy's role
+ Samantha's own dubbing style actually suited her very well in this movie. Especially when she said "yeppa yeppa... Aiyoyo... Hmmm... Love you love you."
Yenga Ma ithana naalaa Intha maathiri nadipey olichi vachi irunthey?
That was some brilliant acting by Samantha.
So is this another rocking VIP that you would love to watch any number of times?
Maybe not.
- lack of a gripping screenplay in the first half. Even though romance, youthful and joyous moments engulfed the entire 1st half, as an viewer I didn't know where this story was leading me to.
- lack of a strong villain.
- Some scenes that reminded me of the movie moonu
- Dhanush's attempt in trying lengthy dialogue in a single shot in the name of punch dialogue. Falls flat, bro!
- seemed cliche when the hero's Father died (just like how the hero's mum passed away in VIP)
- personally I felt radhika's potential was not brought out to the fullest. And I expected more scenes of radhika and KS's pair.
- Satish's comedy that didn't work
Definitely watchable once if you watch this after watching dilwale!!