Size zero, Inji Idupazhagi

When you don't see the actor but a person genuinely and truly playing the character on screen that brings so much of joy and tears to the audience, then we can all proudly Chant that actor's name.
And one such actor is ANUSHKA!!!
To be frank, inji idupazhagi may not see its box office hit for several reasons. But this is one mega super film of anushka' career.
Her innocent smile,
the way she blushes every time she sees arya,
the moment she tries to jog but fails miserably,
the times when she tears and she replies "I am sick and tired of being just a friend to everyone",
the anger and frustration that she shows when she struggles to wear a medium sized dress in the fitting room
These are some scenes which instantly connect us to the film.
If you had struggled or still struggling to lose weight, if you have been made fun of your size by your own clan, if you were rejected by some cuckoo-head guys because of your size, this film would be a confidence boost for you!
I wished the director/producer had taken the decision to use well-known Tamil actors/actresses for the other minor roles for the Tamil version instead of just using the Telugu actors.
Inji idupazhagi- watch it if you are a diehard anushka fan or if you were a victim in this weight-obsessed society