Short films Cocktail- Kalaivu( Tamil) and Cross Talk (Tamil)


Every scene in a film, is in fact, a short story. And a short story, if blessed enough, makes it to be a short film. I certainly believe that, that was how the director and scriptwriter had worked the reverse formula.

Two strangers are meeting each other on an arranged-marriage date. What happens during the date- is the crux of Kalaivu. Realism-flavoured dialogues, heroine's natural flair for acting, hero's subtle portrayal of the character and especially the twist in the end- all makes Kalaivu an enrapturing film to watch!

The more exciting part is that- this short film is an excerpt from a feature film that needs funding. So if you are interested, why not?


A short film without visuals.

Interesting enough?

Yes, it is evident that even renowned tamil and bollywood director AR Murugadoss tweeted about this short film.

This audio short film, a new attempt in the short film industry, has garnered more than 36,000 views. A phone conversation between lovers, their meet-ups, their funny exchanges and the Kasa musa Jalsa (in english, we call it SEX)- all presented in a light-hearted way. In fact, I have listened to this CROSS TALK, a few times. Every time I listen, it is nothing short of an enchantingly well-written script that captivates the listeners. When viewers are always looking forward to see stunning visuals in every art form, this short film is a path-breaking move.

As an ardent fan and slave to hearing beautifully written dialogues, this film offers me something more than the usual. Simple yet magnificent!

Watch it... I mean listen to it!