Neerja- Pls don't miss watching this in theatre!

Story and screenplay:
This is a rare film where you cry profusely yet emerge strong at the end of the film. This is a movie where you know the travel of the story yet kick the seat in front of you, because probably that's the only way you can vent your anger because you feel helpless unable to save the innocent people!
The parallel track stories of neerja's martial abuse that come as a flashback and the current situation of her being abused by the menacing terrorists are weaved perfectly in this gripping screenplay.
Director and cinematographer:
Kudos to director for bringing this to screen! We might have seen several documentaries of courageous neerja and other hijack documentaries! Yet, director ram has taken efforts not to give the documentary feel! He manages to aid a vivid recall with his deft story-telling. And it was achieved by the cinematographer mitesh's magic. This entire 2hr film was shot in handycam. That was a brilliant decision by the director and cinematographer. The cinematography make you travel with the characters, feel their emotions and the way the in-flight drama between the guns and grenadetoting men and a plane-load of hapless victims were shot, is sure to give you the fear that the pan am 73 passengers felt on 5th September 1986.

We all know that shabna Azmi (neerja's Mum) can pull off any role effortlessly. The backbone of this film is that it is filled with good Actors and Actresses. Good is an understatement.
You can't spot any bad acting. Even the minor roles done by the co-Stewardess, passengers.... Wow!! Simply mind-blowing.
The man who did neerja's 2nd brother's role is a talent to look out for! The scene where neerja's family members stand next to the phone, waiting for any news about neerja's safety and the way this man reacted, with eyes full of tears, holding on to his mum's hands- oh man, what an acting!! What an acting!

Another surprise was the role done by
Shekhar Ravjivani (musician) as neerja's lover! That scene when he sees neerja's dead body.... How can there be so many good actors in the same film?!
The terrifying mad terrorist role done by Jim, a debut performer, needs to be applauded for instilling fear in the audience whenever he appeared on screen.
The most heart wrenching point in the film is when he mocks Neerja asking her to sing her favourite song ‘’Mere Sapnon ki rani kab aayegi tu."
Poignant. Disturbing. Heart-breaking.
Casting manager, you did a fabulous role as well!
Sonam Kapoor:
I always had this perception that she can only survive in this industry because of her fashion sense and that her longevity as an actress may not be that Long.
Another surprise she was, in this film!
Either it be the happy-go-lucky pretty neerja or the victimised Wife in a messed up arranged marriage, either it be a caring Daughter or a strong-willed flight Stewardess who stood against the terrorist to tell him "sir, let me do my duty like what you are doing",
Neerja's role was just tailor-made role for sonam!
How do we, as an audience, know what is good acting? Have we been actors before?
When we can connect with the actors on screen because they exactly reflect the way we would have responded and reacted in such situations, define realism. And that is what sonam did perfectly in Neerja.
The scenes where her body was paralysedwith fright, the scenes where her fingers trembling with fear, the scenes where she just did what meant right for her- hats off sonam!
Watching this film on the day when I realise how my work can emotionally affect me so much, this film was a gentle reminder to my soul which scaffolded me with strength to raise my voice against injustice and never ever to compromise my self-respect.
Leaving the theatre, wet-eyed, my mind kept thinking of that one line "fear gave her courage."
Verdict- 5/5 ( a definite must-watch)