Meelpaaravai- An audience pleaser (A tamil short film with english subtitles)

It doesn’t always have to be a 200-crore budget film that entertains us. A film can be simple, yet thought-provoking. An interestingly weaved tale in the form of a short film entertain us in the same way that any full length feature film does. And one such recently released short film titled “Meelpaaravai” falls under that category.

Bench Culture, handled by Tamil cinema's leading director Karthick Subbaraj, has been a promising company giving many opportunities to young talents. Meelpaaravai is another film which showcases the power of young talents.

An emotionally-charged account of a girl meeting her ex-boyfriend and what unfolds, is the storyline of this 22-minute captivating short film. Directed by Vijay Jayapal, he has used the parallel story-telling technique to such perfection. Cinematography is the film’s pillar of strength. Visuals speak volumes in this appealing two-dimensional plot.

Even though I expected a more powerful or different ending, this film definitely impressed me at many parts.

What I loved most, is the couple’s acting! Even in a full-length feature film, it takes a while for us to start liking the characters unless they are big stars or well-written characters. However, this short film has broken all this cinema formula. Instantly falling in love with characters you see on screen, rarely happens. And the exceptional and remarkable performance by the versatile actor and actress is an added beauty to this film.

Meelpaarvai- An audience pleaser.

Watch it! It has English Subtitles!