Maalai Nerathu Mayyakam- Mayyakam Guaranteed.

You know some will still smoke even though they know smoking kills them.
A depressed soul, me, because work starts tmr, still went ahead to watch this film. For no particular reason. It is kind of battling misery with more misery. Like smoking.
So what was the effect?
This film was written by selvaragavan, directed by his wife geethanjali. In fact, it is heavily influenced by selva's style, that you wonder if he was the one who actually directed it.

So what was bad?
hero like in all selva's movies who has a beard and wear specs, is a paithiyam.
heroine, at times, is a paithiyam.
the other characters, are medically and psychologically ok. Surprisingly.
story hmm...typical selva's story. you should know how it moves and doesn't move.
The concept that they tried, was in fact, a serious one. Marital Rape. The treatment of the film should have been dealt with differently, if you are going to talk about such serious matters.
However, everything failed miserably when the screenplay had no magic and the way the characters developed wasn't convincing at all.
So what was good?
- background score that actually helped in many scenes to narrate the story. Debut music composer amrit has a bright future ahead!
- even though it was a paithiyam character, the heroine Wamiqa Gabbi has done a fabulous job in acting. The way she emotes in many emotional scenes, is top-notch. Haniska, samantha, nayanthara pack your bags, cos Wamiqa is here! (maybe nayanthara, you don't have to. you are still a STAR!)
So will I watch a selvaragavan's film again?
Maybe. maybe not.
I gave another chance for selva to prove himself that he is worth more than an aayarathil oruvan or irandaam ulagam.
When I brought 'thulluvatho illamai' dvd home, I was almost kicked out of my house by my mum. When I suggested to watch aayarathil oruvan in the theatres, my family decided to give me another chance to prove.
We watched in the theatre. And the car journey back home was graveyard silence. My mum didn't serve me food for one week after that movie outing.
So, selva, even though, you have messed up my life quite a bit. I still had hopes.
Now, I guess, I should stop having hopes.