Kadhalum Kadanthu pogum.

kadhalum kadanthu pogum (kkp)
+ with the latest trend of Tamil cinema directors blindly copying Korean movies, we have director nalan, the director of soodhu kavuum, getting the legal rights of Korean movie 'my dear desperado' to remake it for the Tamil audience. And he has done a great job in reaching the soul of the film.
+VIjay Sethupathi 
For all those who still think what's so great about VS, Just like how jothika confesses her love to anbuselvan in Kaaka Kaaka, here I am, once again saying it, "it's a girl thing. Unaku puriyaathu."
His facial expressions, his smile, his anger, his eyes, his humor, and of course his dance (which used to be categorized under humor. but he has improved tremendously in dance movements. Attempts of 30-second long single shot dance moves are evident.) - everything he does, seem to connect so well with the audience.

+ Madonna- the premam girl for the next couple of months, is gonna be the next sensation, oh boy! Beauty, brains and Great acting- great combo! Way to go, woman! Lots of grace and charm. Even though the audio engineering fellow screwed up the lip-sync at certain parts, she has given the best performance. For a debut Tamil film actress, this is truly commendable.
+as usual musician santhosh: directors these days will not be able to function without this creator!!
+ a feel-good film with a simple plot.
+ nalan' comical one-liners
- the first half was slightly slow and draggy with the extension of sub plots which didn't really strengthen the story.
- hoped that there were more of VS- Madonna scenes. This duo has all it takes to carry the burden of the film on their shoulders! They were so brilliant in their own ways and certainly the valuable assets of the film.
And my fav scene would be when Madonna gets drunk, leans on his shoulder and requests him to do that "one thing". (Something that I always wish VS follows in his films)
As an usual Tamil film audience, I thought "that" would have happened in the next song itself. But that is where the director chooses not to be cliche but presented it in the subsequent scenes! Kudos for that realism, nalan!
And what is that one thing?
Watch the film to find out!!
Kadhalum kandanthu pogum- kandipa po, watch it in theatres!!