Ilaignar Pasarai- A poetic Tamil Film Experimentation to make you lunatic

ilaignar pasarai, as poetic as it sounds, the nasty truth is that the more lunatic you would have become after watching the film. Because you wonder how can a team create such an abysmal film. The shocking fact is that this film is created by film institute students. 

Every part of the film is bizarre. Every part of film-making is weird. Everyone's acting is eccentric. 

The plot is thinner than a strand of hair that I hardly manage to find one in the film. I mean the plot, not the hair. There is a group of 5 guys, wearing blue-shirt, entering a factory warehouse. Apparently, the 55-year-old, young hero, who is the director of the film (I also have a strong feeling that he is either an old student of the institute or the lecturer) leads the group into the warehouse. They meet a villain.

The hero’s dialogue delivery has more speed-breaks than a school zone area. And his evil laughter put any witch to shame. He claps his hands and signals the old people to tell the villain of their plight. These old people’s loved ones died after consuming the villain’s products.

Hero with bloodshot eyes, pointing at an old woman, Ivanga purushan uncanneesiyas sisuwation-le irukaaru.” (This lady’s husband is in uncannesiyas sisuwation)

**Uncanneesiyas sisuwation (in English)- means unconscious situation (in English)

Villain, trembling in fear ( no reason for him to get intimidated by these funny-looking blue shirt guys), “Naan enna pannanum?” (What should I do?) and the trembling never stops.

Our hero’s reply Expeerie medicine-sa vika maaten sollu.” ( Promise me that Expeerie medicine will not be sold.)

**Expeerie (in english)- means expired (in English)

This entire scene is the first scene of the film which is more than enough for ripples of laughter. The subsequent serious scenes are nothing short of producing great waves of hilarity.

Without any unflinching hard work done to the screenplay, the director moves on to the other story track where he shows the story of 16-year old school-going boys. And when they start conversing with each other, I was shocked to hear their voices! Some 47-year old males dubbing for the 16-year old students is a piece of evidence to prove that this film is a daunting experimentation of Tamil Cinema.

When there is a need, a film usually shows this warning sign “smoking and drinking are injurious to health.” on its smoking and drinking scenes.

I wish this film had such similar warnings like “this scene has background score. please cover your ears.”

An unstimulating ballad of horror sound, completed with the use of pounding drums and strings which probably been randomly picked from the list of sounds in the computer system is the background music for the scene where the mum gives a tiffin box to the son. I thought there was a bomb or something in the box. But the scene ends with the mum saying, “Dei kannu, dappa-le paruppu sambar iruku.” (There is sambar rice in the box)

As though scenes mislead by horribly composed music aren’t enough to kill the audience, there are other scenes that would make your IQ level to be flushed down in the drain, right in front of you.

One of the blue-shirt guys tells the hero about a problem in their village, “namma aathule mannal kolai nadakuthu. eppadiye ponnal kolai kaada maaridum. Intha chemistry yaarukum puriya maatenguthu?” (Sand is being imported illegally from our village river. If this continues, it will become a barren land. No one understands this chemistry)

Chemistry??? Uncle (director), seriously??

The cameraman plays his part too by adding to the success of an unintentional humorous film, by using zooming-in shot to the maximum. If he had zoomed in some more, the camera would have fallen into the hero’s thick moustache.

Without changing the blue shirt, the hero and his group of 5 assistants climb the hill because they want to stop all the societal problems of their village. And they meet another villain up there who wears a pink head scarf, looking as though he is all ready to dance for Arjun’s famous song “hey shappa! hey shappa!”

The hero utters some punch dialogues. I was too tired of laughing. He lifts his leg and gives a heroic pose. Hundreds of people in Karate uniform dashes from nowhere to support the hero. 

And I wonder, who is running the martial arts institute on a hill??

The hero fights with the pink headscarf fellow and the police arrives.

I wish the ambulance had arrived, so that I could have gone to the hospital to do a full-body-mind-soul check up.