Naanum rowdy thaan

Naanum rowdy thaan:
+ the fact that Vijay sethupathi (VS) has gotten rid of his மூஞ்சி கழுவி 30 நாள் ஆன மாதிரி look. He looks quite stylish and refreshing in this movie.
+ nayan, nayan, nayan. Oh boy, how awesome it is to see a heroine emote all kinds of emotions on screen. Way to go, girl! And her hat-trick hit!
+ well-thought and well-designed minor characters that add so much flavour to a simple story. Especially roles done by anand raj, the grandpa whose character name is Rahul.
+ radhika's reactions and dialogue delivery and her innocence whenever she affectionately calls VS as "கொளுந்து மல்லி"
+ anirudh's background score.
+ classic one-liners by rj balaji. My fav is when a hulk-looking gangster walks towards them and rj balaji goes "Evan ennada audio launchkku vantha Arnold maathiri irukaan."
+ back to VS, he is a delight to watch!! Such a joy to see him perform.
- lack of a tight and racy screenplay in 2nd half
- the fact that some scenes remind us of jigarthanda.
- VS's voice modulation and body language that might seem like a rip off from itharku thaan da aasai pattai balakumara. (Apparently this same point is also a strength to the film)
Naanum rowdy thaan- a fun jolly ride-u thaan.