Happy Birthday Simran

This youtube generation wouldn’t know what it means to rush to the cd stores monthly to get our favourite actress/actor’s vcd.
"Uncle, simran hits vcd kodunga!"- was probably the only line that I uttered whenever I rushed to the cd stores to get the latest simran songs vcd once a month in the late 90s. As a crazy simran fan, that was how many of us would have showed our love towards the svelte beauty  Simran. Her entry in the early 90s redefined beauty and glamour and that a mixture of both, bestowed the way for her to reach pinnacle of success in a short period of time. Either be it her sensational dancing moves in aal-thottaboopathy song or the popular simran-ised rhythmic sashay gorgeously exhibited in kadhal kaditham theetave song from Jodi, she was, and definitely is the Queen of Kollywood undeniably.

Who would have forgotten the famous valee scene at the psychiatrist clinic where she trembles in fear and anxiety and starts screaming “sirikiren paarunga….maathitaan. maathitaan”?

As a die-hard fan, it is devastating to live with the regret that the queen, unfortunately, missed the National awards for Kannathil Muthamittal (reason being that she didn’t dub in her own voice)

But still holding on to the rope of hope, that one day, she would clinch it.

Happy 40th Birthday, Simran!