5 tips to get ready for the date with Mr Kabali on 22 July 2016

Our previous dates with Mr Linga and Mr Kochadaiyyan might have been the worst times of our lives, considering the fact that we know his worth for the past 3 decades. But, forget the previous 2 dates! This is not the chap, Mr Linga, who cheated you. This is not “nammale kochika vacha” kochadaiyyan!
1) Forget the past

This is Kabali da! Right from the Neruppu da song, to the electrifying teaser and the positive vibes about and around the film, are assenting that we would indeed see the old Rajini! Having heard from the director Ranjth himself, he is very assuring that we would be seeing a mullam mallarum Rajini. Any if you have not seen the movie, just watch this scene!

So ready to meet Mr Ketta Paiyan?

2) Visualize what’s going to happen

Just like how you would rehearse a little in front of the mirror before you go for a date, visualize 22nd July. Are you expecting to watch a pumped-up screen-ripping scene like what we experienced with Mr Padaiyyapa when he pulled the swing in the hall? Are you all exhilarated to watch a Sivaji Singam Paadhai moment? Are you waiting to see a ‘mehhhh’ black sheep instance?

Rajini has never gone wrong with a Gangster movie- Billa, Baasha are some historical proofs that you are going to indulge in the most compelling and gripping tale on 22nd July. 

3) Make the day special.

With the phrase “First day, first show” being the unconquerable prize that drives the people with such sincerity to call in sick from work and bunk school just so they can flaunt it to their friends later on.

So how are you going to make 22nd July 2016 a special one?

4) Use the environment to your advantage
Do something you’ll actually enjoy and that makes the date an unforgettable one! Are you in the mood to cheer loudly? Go ahead! Are you going to whistle whenever Kabali appears on screen? Why not? Are you going to scream a chorus of delirium whenever Neruppu da bgm is being played? Who is stopping you?

Probably this is the only time you can do it in public! So just go for it! Forget civilization.

5) Stop trying to bombard yourself with questions

So you’ve got a date with a beautiful woman. You’re thinking, “How do I win her over? How do I convince her I’m good enough? How do I not mess this up?”
If that’s your thought process, you’ve already lost. Your desperate mindset will be painfully obvious.

Seize the moment! Enjoy every second. Kabali is a 200-crore budget movie with almost 120 brands being associated with the film. Producer Thanu is leaving no stone unturned to stir anticipation around the film. A few start-ups like Freshdesk and FynDus  have declared Kabali holiday and have booked the entire cinema theatre for its employees.

With so much of hype, obviously one’s mind would wander if this is a buildup or more of a puffery or if the film would match up to the proliferating promotional strategies. The latest I heard, is that, Kabali is being released in Regal Dole Cannery, a theatre in one of the Hawaii Islands.

But stop thinking about all the hype and build-ups! What you need to do is, to be closely connected to what you see infront of you!

6)  Facing the Reality

As much as we want to be in the frenzy state for long, we know the result by the end of 2hr 30min 20 seconds.

If you love it, meet again!

If you are disappointed, fret not! There is always an endhiran 2.0 on its way!

Whatever it is, let’s relish this date- 22nd July 2016 that is going to be the day of smashing box-office records and a day when Tamil cinema will reach its pinnacle of global recognition! 

To all my Tamil movie lovers and Kabali fans, have a kabalified date!