Kabali Teaser Review: Rajini is a word, Thalaivaa is an emotion.

I met my college friends for dinner yesterday, 5 hours after the release of KABALI’s teaser. After discussing all the life-changing and life-threatening issues happening at the vaious stages of our lives, Kabali, became the hot topic on the table. 

I watch it for 3 seconds. After that, I couldn’t.”

“It was slightly disappointing.”

“My husband was waiting for 1.30pm. He said the world is going to change after 1.30pm. I didn’t know what he was talking about.”

These were some of the comments passed about Kabali teaser. And I, being a Rajini fan, had a dilemma: Should I continue this 10-year friendship with these girls or should I put an end to everything?

I had to fight against the evil thoughts of people condemning Kabali teaser. So I retorted, “How can you not like Kabali teaser? So, what do you expect to see in a tamil movie trailer?” slightly raising my voice.

Answers were along the lines of “The trailer must be good.” I wasn’t too convinced with that response initially.

However, when I came back home to think about what they said, I concluded that Kabali didn’t quite meet their expectations. It wasn’t just a good trailer.

Kabali was more than that- an adrenaline-charged electrifying roller coaster!


Director Ranjinth, who is an ardent fan of Rajini, perfectly knew what to reveal in a teaser. The one minute 5 second teaser is immaculately edited, transforming everyone, except my friends mentioned above, into delirious Rajini devotees.

  Rajini is a word, Thalaivaa is an emotion.

We just want to see Rajini back in a complete action-packed film. And Kabali teaser is an impeccable rendition of our expectations. The beginning shot, where he strides in ( the close-up shot of his footsteps), the perfect mix of electric guitar and the lyrics “Neruppu da” certainly made me scream ‘Thalaivaa’ at the highest decibel level possible.

 His laughter speaks louder than everything

The shot where he laughs after being questioned by a journalist is more than enough to create chaos. It reminds me of one of the scenes in Baasha, where he gives similar reaction. His laughter onscreen and off-screen, is magical. Simply magical. Pandemonium is what one can expect in the theatre for this shot from Kabali.

The Man with a Majestic Voice

If the dialogue “Kabali da!” doesn’t give you goosebumps, I don’t know what else would excite you. Rajinikanth is not merely just a beloved matinee idol but an absolute phenomenon in the purest sense of the word. I converted that dialogue’s audio clip as my alarm tone. For the next few weeks, “Kabali da” is not only going to wake me up but it also going to change my mornings into euphoric-filled ones.

  Santosh’ rocking BGM

If Baasha and Thalapathy elevated Rajini’s stardom, then santhosh’s bgm is going to bring that to another level. In Tamil, we call this level ‘marana mass’. This undisputed master class’s bgm that we heard from the teaser are chants that give goose bumps to the listener. Be it the chants or the loud music, this bgm offers a sneak peek of what to expect from the movie.

The 80s Rajini

To be honest, when he had his duets with Sherya in Sivaji or Sonakshi Sinha in Lingaa, it just didn’t look right for so many reasons. But in this teaser, we know that he is not simply going to shake his legs. The very fact that I am going to see 2 Rajini- one the old-aged mafia and the younger Rajini sits so wonderfully on whatever storyline that they have crafted. The vast contrast in the 2 characters shown in the teaser gives me hope that it is not all about a young rajini dancing with girls half his age. Kudos to the make-up artist!!

  He is truly back with a bang

When his last two films, Lingaa and Kochadaiyaan didn’t fare well, with either the masses or classes, people were ready to write him off, especially since his last hit was Enthiran. But Rajinikanth proved once again in this very sleek teaser, there is enough power in him to burn out all such false accusations to hell!

In the documentary film, “For the love of a man”, film-maker Kalsy beautifully filmed Rajini Maniacs and the things they do and sacrifice for Rajini films. After watching the documentary, I understood that this unconditional and divine love for Thalaivaa, can never be explained in mere words.

All I can say, “Thalaivaa, I can’t wait for Kabali dharisanam?”

(PS: Definitely, gonna drag the girls to watch the film!!)